Car Interior Cleaner

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1. Easy to use, gentle cleaning and protection while leaving a non-stick UV protective coating on all vehicle surfaces.

2. Applicable to car dashboards, leather seats, synthetic leather products, etc.

3. Increase surface gloss, decontamination and dust removal.

4. It can also be applied to the gloss of electrical appliances, furniture and plastic products.

5. Its products are widely used in automotive household items to repair internal luster (such as leather or plastic, etc.) and prevent aging and discoloration.

Instructions for use: 1. Shake well before use

2. Keep a distance of 15-25 cm evenly; wipe with a cloth

3. When using on something, please clean the surface of dust

product description:
quantity: 1
Capacity: 30ml/120ml

Maintenance Notes:
1. Keep away from children
2. Store in a cool and dry place below 40 degrees, away from sunlight
3. Please test other parts of the body before use, and continue to use this product after no adverse reactions.
4. In case of accidental contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water and seek medical attention

Package Included:
1 * 30ml car interior cleaner

1 * 120ml car interior cleaner

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